Event date :

13/06/2022 12h30 to 14/06/2022 16h30

Venue :

Brussels, ITUC building, first floor, Room B

Country :


Short-term labour mobility is a structural and permanent feature of the European labour market. However, in its many forms it also raises significant challenges for the European Union, the Member States, stakeholders, and migrant workers themselves. External shocks such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have also brought new and at times unpredictable challenges for short-term labour migrants as regards their role and integration in the labour market.

This two-day seminar will explore these challenges and sketch out some possible solutions to the main issues around short-term labour migration in its various forms. A special emphasis will be put on short-term migrant workers from third countries (including Ukrainian refugees who have been given immediate access to the European labour market), posted workers, and seasonal workers. The idea behind the event is to bring together the research expertise gathered in the last few years with the political and administrative experience of the key stakeholders working in the field in order to identify not only the challenges but also potential
solutions and improvements for protecting and representing the interests of short-term labour migrants.

To see the full programme and for more information, please visit the ETUI events webpage here.