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Fatma Bugdayci, director of FNV Handel: 'This is very good news. Lidl now really needs to do something about the unhealthy work pressure that many employees suffer from. It leads to stress complaints and illness and people go to work elsewhere. Especially now that there are already so few staff, Lidl should be careful with its employees.'

In its ruling, the Labour Authority gave Lidl one year to reduce workloads and improve health and safety for workers at its stores in the Netherlands.

The decision follows a labour inspection of Lidl stores, triggered by a complaint from FNV, which found a violation of the law in relation to high work pressure and workload on employees. Lidl has until the end of February 2024 to comply with the ruling.

For more information, see the FNV press release here where you can also find a link to the report that led to the complaint (in Dutch).