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A recent decree in France has extended paternity leave from 11 consecutive calendar days to 25 days that can be divided into two periods (see below); in the event of multiple births, the number of days increases from 18 to 32.

The leave consists of the following 2 distinct periods:

- 1 mandatory period of 4 calendar days taken immediately after the birth of the child (in addition to the 3 mandatory days of birth leave), and

- 1 period of 21 or 28 calendar days depending on the number of births.

The period of leave of 21 or 28 days may be divided into 2 periods of at least 5 days each and the leave must begin within 6 months of the birth(s).

For more detail, please refer to the decree published in the Official Journal on 12 May 2021 and to the information page of the French government’s website.