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21/02/2024 12h30 to 22/02/2024 14h30

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Working with and through digital technology has a disruptive impact on the effectiveness of existing workers’ rights, including collective labour rights. As lawmakers are struggling to regulate the phenomenon, working conditions and the organisation of work are increasingly affected and shaped by algorithmic management and AI, in the platform economy as well as in conventional businesses. Work environments are turning (partially) virtual, corporate models are increasingly fragmented, platforms are acquiring an infrastructural function for entire sectors, and data are now our most valuable assets. Yet, the institutional and juridical framework regulating work is not adapting quickly or deeply enough. 

The aim of this conference is to explore the main transformative implications of digital technology, discuss normative options, and formulate constructive proposals with researchers and scholars from multiple disciplines (law, sociology, economy, industrial relations, information systems, and computer science).

The agenda of the conference will soon be published here. Keep an eye on this page. For any questions please send an email to Angélique Vanhoutte (avanhoutte@etui.org).