Council of Europe Secretary General welcomes Ukrainian Parliament’s approval of Istanbul Convention

Ukraine to become the 36th State to have ratified the Istanbul Convention

European Social Charter reporting

ETUC affiliates are invited to submit observations to the national reports.


Call for papers for the TTUR Network's 25th Anniversary

Call for papers under the theme ‘Enforcing EU labour law and beyond’

ETUC Brian Bercusson Award 2023

The ETUC has instituted an award to honour the outstanding and dynamic scientific work, of great value to the European trade union movement, of the late labo

Upcoming events

Training on understanding the procedures and constitutional obligations relating to international labour standards (ILS)

The International Training Centre of the ILO provides a 30-hour training on ILS

SAVE THE DATE: NETLEX Conference 2022

The NETLEX Conference is scheduled to take place at the International Auditorium in Brussels on the 15th and 16th of November 2022

Cases under discussion

In the ETUCLEX litigation section, logged-in members of the network can share information and discuss pending cases of strategic importance to the trade union movement.


ETUCLEX is the human rights, legal and strategic litigation network of the European Trade Union Confederation and its affiliates.