Just Beat It - new report on algorithmic dismissal of workers over false fraud allegations at Just Eat

The report put together by Worker Info Exchange analyses the circumstances leading to the summary dismissals of eleven Just Eat couriers working in nine citi

Opinion of Advocate General Collins on case C-148/22, OP v Commune d'Ans

The AG delivered an opinion on Directive 2000/78/EC and the prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief

The German The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs presents draft bill for amended Working Hours Act

The law regulates the details of timekeeping and focuses on electronic recording

Guide on the case-law of the European Convention on Human Rights - Social Rights

This Guide is part of the series of Case-Law Guides published by the European Court of Human Rights to inform legal practitioners about the fundamental

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Labour Law in the mirror: categories, values, interlocutors

9th International Seminar on International and Comparative Labour Law

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