Dutch Supreme Court rulings on the employment law obligations of Deliveroo

Deliveroo must apply mandatory collective bargaining agreement and pay pension contributions

UK Supreme Court has held that Deliveroo riders are not in an ‘employment relationship’ for the purposes of European human rights law

Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (Appellant) v Central Arbitration Committee and another (Respondents)

Right to Strike under ILO Convention No. 87 (Request for Advisory Opinion)

The International Court of Justice has made an Order organizing the proceedings, an opinion can potentially be expected for early 2025

Online course on Introduction to Human Rights Protection in Europe - Interplay between the ECHR and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Council of Europe HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) online platform

Upcoming events

Book launch: Trade unions in the European Union

Picking up the pieces of the neoliberal challenge

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